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Perles to reveal beauty

The passion for making glass beads took me by surprise the day I entered a glass workshop where a lady surrounded by colourful glass rods was hiding behind safety glasses and a hot flame making perles.
And there I was...'enflamée' myself until today.

I initially wanted to learn how to make my own jewellery to complete my collection of necklaces and address my desire for yet another one, a slightly different one, the right one to fit this shade of blue and this outfit.
If you are sensitive to jewelery you will know exactly the feeling of wearing the perfect piece which will make a favorite top look new and different and you look beautiful.

The passion for photographing perles and glass in a natural environment took me also by surprise one April in Ireland on the beach. The light was amazing. My macro lens got closer and closer to the beads and to the ground made of sand, shells and seaweeds. The results struck me. Glass was at its place in this environment. Of course it is where it originated.

This site is to share with you both my passion for glass jewellery and nature in all its seasons, shapes, colours and most interesting little details.